Allied military government of Germany refused to recognize homosexuals as victims of the holocaust

Everyone is aware of the atrocities by the German people and government that lead to the mass murder of millions of Jews and other minorities prior to and during World War 2.  But what many do not realize is that persecution against homosexuals continued after the concentration/extermination camps were liberated by the Allies.

The Allies did not acknowledge homosexual concentration camp survivors as victims of Nazi persecution.  Indeed, reparations and state pensions available to other groups were refused to gay men, who were still classified as criminals.

The persecution of homosexuals also extended to gay men who played a pivotal role in the Allied defeat of Nazi Germany.  For example, Alan Turing, the man credited with deciphering many German codes during the war and cracking the German’s famous “enigma” code machine, was tried in 1952 for criminal homosexual acts and forced to undergo chemical castration.  Soon after, he killed himself.


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