Donald’s First Military Raid a Failure

Recent reports say that Donald’s first military raid got a Navy Seal and 8-year-old American child killed along with 30 other civilians.  We also learned that Obama sat on the suggested raid for months because he was not sure the intelligence was good enough or that the raid was well-enough planned.  He also thought it was way too risky.

But Fat Fingered Don was anxious to show the world how tough he was and almost instantly ordered the attack, which was less than successful.  Now we learn that Don was too busy tweeting to even bother being in the Situation Room to monitor how the very serious and risky military operation was going–an operation he ordered directly.

Amid claims that Mr Trump ordered the operation in the early hours of Sunday morning without sufficient intelligence, ground support or back-up, it has emerged that the President was not in the Situation Room at all.

I’m sure there will be multiple Congressional investigations into this failed military operation that got innocent people and American military personnel needlessly killed.


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