Rhino poacher trampled to death by elephant; remains eaten by lions

Another feel good story with a happy ending. 😎



Trump Beat The Liberals, Admit It And Move On

Night after night we were subjected to Moron Maddow on her TV show telling us in her cool liberal way how Trump was a traitor and Russian spy and that he was going to be busted “any day now.” We had Pod Save America boneheads going nuts waiting for Trump to get busted. We had “former national security experts” and former spies tell us how Trump was going to “die in prison” because of “Russia.”

We had Vox and CNN and all the other bullshit establishment liberal news outlets going on and on how Trump was going to get busted as a Russian spy.

And then reality hit, and we learned that Trump and his family would not be criminally indicted for conspiring with the Russians and he would not be indicted for trying to interfere with the Russia investigation.

During the whole 2-year Russia fiasco, the economic conditions of Americans (as has been documented on this blog) have gotten worse. People have less savings, more debt, worse healthcare, and exploding costs of living. Meanwhile, you have Trump out there saying how the economy is the “best” in the history of all time.

And what are the deadbeat dumbass democrats doing? Are they out there telling Americans that the democrats understand that things aren’t really as good as Trump and his ass kissing group of Republican clowns say it is? No, they stay silent on that issue and instead became obsessed with Russia, Trump pee pee tapes and spying.

And while Americans, led by Rachel Maddow, were obsessed with Trump getting pissed on by Russian hookers, Trump pulled out of a nuclear arms treaty (making the world a helluva lot more dangerous), passed a big tax joke that stole money from the poor and middle class and gave it to the rich bastards who put him in power, massively increased the national debt, locked babies in cages at the border, and now is trying to create another bullshit fake war for regime change with Venezuela.

But the democrats and Maddow could only talk about Russian hookers peeing on Trump’s face. Something should have tipped them off when they saw all the republican neo-con jerks who led us into the Iraq shitshow were all on the same page with them that Russia “owned” Trump. When you have people who lied to get us into a war that killed a million people agreeing with you, you might want to rethink you position!

The Mueller report should send a big fat clear message: keep obsessing on this whack job Russian conspiracy theory if you want to keep losing elections. If democrats actually want to win an election they should talk about the things Americans really care about–paying the bills, staying out of a war, and fixing our completely screwed up healthcare system.

So get over the fact that you think Trump is a traitor, a criminal and thug, and focus on getting voters registered and demanding that the democratic candidates not become the latest victim of this Russian conspiracy garbage. We need Trump out of office the old fashioned way–elections.

Russia Conspiracy Was A Big Fat Nothing, Time to Get Over it

Like any Trump opponent, I was interested in whether Trump was paid off by Russia to manipulate U.S. government policy.  And hey, there were some interesting tidbits here and there to laugh and complain about, but until the investigation was complete, there was no way to justify being obsessed with the story.  Let the investigators investigate and when they are done they will tell us what they found, until then it’s all speculation.

Too bad that most “smart people” in the liberal media establishment took the opposite view–that we should obsess with Russia and forget about how Hillary lost to a burned out reality show host who got all his money from daddy.

While Trump did real, long lasting damage to our economy by running up our debt faster than any president in history, creating record-breaking trade deficits with China, breaking out of a nuclear weapons treaty, trying to regime change an elected government in Venezuela, allowing the Saudis to use American bombs to murder civilians in Yemen, and so on, the American “liberal” media spent countless hours on what is now a complete BS Russia conspiracy theory nothing-burger.

As Rome burned, Rachel Maddow spent her show obsessed every night with Trump pee pee tapes and meetings with Russian “agents,” that either never happened or were blown way out of proportion.

Meanwhile, Mueller was given a crack team of lawyers, FBI agents, he issued thousands of subpoenas, interviewed hundreds of witnesses, had access to top secret materials, a grand jury, and he convicted over half a dozen Trump flunkies.  But he found no conspiracy with Russia and could not find enough evidence to support an obstruction of justice charge against Trump.

The real beef ended up being Trump corruption–and Americans already knew that Trump and his group of clowns were a corrupt gutless pile of dog crap and that Trump himself was nothing more than a game show reality TV host cranked up on cocaine who banged porn stars while his pregnant wife sat at home.  Somehow, a guy like that was able to beat the “unbeatable” Hillary, anyway.

We Elected Him.  He is a Product of America.  Own It!

And even now that the Russian conspiracy theory against Trump has proven to be a bunch of BS, the liberals who called Trump a Russian spy won’t give it up and turn to the things that are really important and to the real damage Trump is doing to our country and to the world.

Now the thinking of these liberals is along the lines of “well only Congress can decide if Trump obstructed justice, not the Justice Department.”  No, wrong again.  The attorney general decides whether to move forward with criminal charges, not Congress.  And the attorney general has said that there is insufficient evidence to move forward with an obstruction of justice charge against Trump over the Russia stuff and that he won’t do so.  Does it stink that the attorney general is a Trump stooge?  Sure.  But he’s also a good buddy of Mueller, so if you are going to be skeptical of the AG, then you better be skeptical of Mueller.  How far down that whack job conspiracy theory rabbit hole are we going to go down while Rome burns?  Haven’t we gone far enough as it is?

What Congress can–and should do–is review the full Mueller report and make its own determination if there is an impeachable crime there.  But to say the attorney general is not allowed to make a decision about whether a criminal case can be proven is laughable.

There will be no criminal charges due to Russian collusion.  Trump did not criminally conspire with the Russian government.  Full stop. End of story.

It’s time for the rest of us to move on and start hitting the real issues that Americans care about–the fact that American workers aren’t making more money, their health care costs are skyrocketing, they can’t afford to buy a house, they can’t pay for their kid to go to college, Social Security is disappearing in front of their faces, they are buried in debt and they are behind on their car payment.  While Americans see these things getting worse right in their face, Trump (and previously Obama) told them that everything was great, that we have the best economy, and that it was okay that American jobs were being shipped over to China.

To avoid having that hard conversation, Obama and Clinton apologists have distracted us with the Russia garbage without ever taking responsibility for their failed policies that have helped Republicans screw over the American worker.

Trump is not a Russian agent and he will never ever see criminal charges saying that he is.  So get over it already, he’s doing far worse things while you fantasize about him getting peed on by a Russian prostitute.

Americans Becoming Broke Bums

Another day another report.  We are learning that American household debt has now hit its highest point ever.

Americans faced record levels of debt at the end of 2018, with the amount owed by households rising for an eighteenth consecutive quarter.

Overall debt rose by $32 billion to $13.5 trillion in the fourth quarter, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said in a report out Tuesday, bringing it to a fresh high.

As Americans bury themselves in debt up to their eyeballs, we also are learning that household net worth–basically what people are worth financially–has hit its lowest point since the financial meltdown in 2008.


Fed: Q4 sees largest drop in household net worth since financial crisis from CNBC.

But don’t worry, this is the best economy in the history of all time.


Loan Delinquencies Hit A Record High, People Stop Going Out To Dinner

If this is truly the best economy in the history of all time, where we have record unemployment and prosperity, why is it that people can’t even afford to pay one of the most important bills in their budget–their car loan?  After all, without a car you can’t get to work, you can’t get to the doctor, you can’t get the kids to school, you can’t get groceries.  In many parts of the US a car is a person’s crucial link to the outside world.

And yet, despite things being so “great” and “fantastic” with our “booming economy,” the struggle to make the car payment is real:

A record 7 million Americans are 90 days or more behind on their auto loan payments, according to The Federal Reserve Bank’s latest quarterly report on U.S. household debt. Approximately 6.5% of all auto finance loans are 90-plus days past due.

WSB consumer expert, Clark Howard says, “the number of people delinquent on their loans is two and a half times what it was ten years ago.” He says much of that has to do with people taking out ultra-long loans in order to afford the vehicle. “If you can’t afford the payment on a 42-month loan then you can’t afford the vehicle you’re looking at,” says Howard.

In addition to car loans, there are record delinquencies in people failing to make their student loan payment.  Even though everyone seems to be working, people are not making enough money to pay their basic bills.  So if people already are having a hard time paying their bills, what’s going to happen when a recession hits?

Delinquent U.S. student loans reached a record$166 billion in the fourth quarter. But since “delinquency rates for student loans are likely to understate effective delinquency rates” by about half, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the figure is probably a far cry from reality. Factoring for understatement would imply that about $333 billion in student debt has not been serviced in at least three months. Putting this into perspective, $441 billion had been disbursed under Treasury’s entire Troubled Asset Relief Program to provide financial stability during the recession.

In other words, delinquency in student loans is hitting new records and even with that the data is understating the extent to which people are failing to pay their student loan bill!

Meantime, restaurant retail sales (people going out to eat) have declined four out of the last five months.  In fact, retail figures were so bad that many “experts” questioned whether the data was wrong or that there was some sort of error in the reporting.  People are so broke and are cutting way back on spending so fast and so hard in the “booming amazing economy” that the experts almost can’t believe it.

The bottom line on this data release is that it is truly dreadful pretty much across the board. Taken literally, this data release would indicate that the consumer sector collapsed in December. This release is such an outlier and so incongruous with the general trend in consumer spending, holiday consumer sales reports and holiday seasons consumer credit data that it does raise suspicions of data reliability,” wrote Ward McCarthy, chief financial economist at Jefferies.

In other words, the billionaires and the millionaires they employ are having such a great economy, making money hand over fist, and the rest of us are working but getting by on scraps.  And the “leaders” don’t get it, they don’t understand how things can be “so great” and so “bad” at the same time.

One thing is for sure, if people can’t make their car payment, student loan payment, and cut back on going out to eat at 4% unemployment, what’s it going to look like when a recession hits and unemployment goes up?