NASA releases time-lapse Video of Disappearing Older Arctic Sea Ice

NASA recently released this stunning video, where you can see what is essentially the disappearance or death of older Arctic sea ice, an obvious result of our ongoing global warming issues.

Global warming, or climate change, is the biggest problem facing humanity, and yet there probably could not be a more difficult problem for humans to face.  It’s a massive problem but its impact will no be fully realized for decades.  So it is an easy problem to brush off and leave for “someone else,” or to hope that things “might not be as bad” as predicted.

Even getting around that, to solve the challenge of global warming, humans will have to drastically re-examine and rethink the ways we produce energy, not to mention dealing with those who have a huge interest in maintaining energy production just the way it is.

Beyond energy is the fact that the whole world has to work together.  If only one nation gets serious about global warming, other less-serious nations will quickly fill the pollution void and will be able to win economic battles with cheaper, dirtier energy.


Wild Boars Destroying U.S. Ecosystems

Every American hunter loves a good boar hunt.   But apparently they are not so good for the environment or the wild places where we like to hunt them:

“Feral swine cause major damage to property, agriculture (crops and livestock), native species and ecosystems, and cultural and historic resources,” says Keirn. “This invasive species also threatens the health of people, wildlife, pets, and other domestic animals. As feral swine populations continue to expand across the country, these damages, costs, and risks will only keep rising.”

Time for a national pig hunt day?