Trump Supporters Don’t Care that Trump is Putin’s Servant

After witnessing Trump slobber all over Putin’s manhood yesterday during the press conference, while at the same time trashing his own country, many people, including myself once again returned to the question: will this be enough to convince Trump supporters?  The answer is no, it will never be enough.  Most people already know that, but not too many people can answer the follow up question, why won’t Trump supporters admit reality?

You have to understand that there are only two kinds of Trump supporters:  racist fanatics (including closet racists who pretend not to be or have a pretext for being racist), and conservatives who will support a racist if it means they will get a right-wing supreme court and right-wing laws pushed through under Trump.

There is arguably a third category of Trump supporters, but those people have long abandoned Tump.  These were the people fed up with our supposedly “booming” economy, union blue collar folks who have been told that globalization and China’s gutting of our industrial jobs sector is a “good thing” by the “smart people” in the Democratic and Republican parties.  But these people have now seen through Trump’s fraud and lies and know he’s not really there to help them or to protect their jobs.

The first category, the racists, don’t care if Trump bows down to Putin.  To them, the U.S. is a multicultural toilet and is quickly going down the drain due to all of the ‘poor ignorant people’ from shithole countries coming here and mixing in with white people and watering down our white values and religion.

The second category of “conservative at any cost” is pretty self explanatory–the ends justify the means.

But perhaps you are now wondering, how could even racist Americans (or closet racists) support a guy that is Putin’s clear bitch and who trashes his own country?  Well this is where you need to go talk to them, as I did the other day.  I received a full explanation of how the FBI conducted the mass murder of nearly 60 people at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas last year in order to take away people’s gun rights.  This is what they really, truly believe.

So if you are a racist and see white man and fellow racist Trump standing up next to a mass murdering white man, Putin, who will you trust?  You’re multicultural country that just recently elected a black guy president, with an FBI that murders dozens of people to take away guns, or Trump?

This is the reality these people are living in, it is a delusional racist fantasy world, and they will not see facts or evidence.  They will only see hate.  You can never win over a Trump supporter.  Don’t ever try.  But you sure can learn what drives their insane, delusional, fact and and evidence free racist fantasies.


Canada Takes Next Step in Trade War

Trump is getting the war he wanted, except it’s with our closest allies.

Canada officially implemented tariffs on about $12.5 billion worth of US goods Sunday, the latest offensive in the growing trade battle between the United States and other major economic powers. US exports of steel and other metal products now face a 25-percent tax, while other products—such as milk, ketchup, beef, and yogurt—will be taxed at 10 percent.

Trump Humiliated By North Korean Dictator

On Friday we got news that North Korea is now expanding its nuclear capabilities.  Today, we now have Trump admitting that his deal might fail after he gave the North Korean dictator a propaganda victory by meeting with the dictator and then canceling military exercises.  Another win for the president.

Donald Trump said on Sunday it was “possible” that a deal he claimed ended the nuclear threat posed by North Korea would not “work out”.

“I made a deal with him, I shook hands with him, I really believe he means it,” said Trump. “Now, is it possible? Have I been in deals, have you been in things where, people didn’t work out? It’s possible.”

What a joke.

Never Hand Over Your Entire Life Savings in Exchange for Nothing

Gabriel Ward is our victim.

After spending four years living in a soulless apartment in a converted hotel in Abu Dhabi, Gabriel Ward was itching to return to the UK.

He thought he found a good deal:

When he stumbled across an advertisement for a block of £120,000 luxury apartments in an up-and-coming part of Manchester, it felt like the opportunity he’d been waiting for.

How much did he have to put down?

He put down the required 80 per cent deposit, or £96,000, leaving just enough in his life savings to cover the remaining £24,000 when it was due on completion.

Of course, he didn’t have to cough it all up at once.  He was bled dry slowly:

Although it was a large sum, he only had to put down £3,000 to start with and he was reassured that he was making a smart investment. Construction was due to finish in November 2016, meaning Gabriel should have been in by Christmas.

So far so good.

But his one-bedroom flat hasn’t been built.


Across the country, thousands of investors in so-called buyer-funded developments are in the same boat.

Oh no…

Gabriel says the moment he discovered his £96,000 was lost is etched in his memory.

He had been diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia in January 2016 and spent the following six months in hospital in Abu Dhabi.

He was sent an email by another investor who told him nearly all the money they had paid towards the homes had vanished. ‘I was recovering from six rounds of chemotherapy and had been in a very dark frame of mind because of my illness. Then all of a sudden I’m thinking: ‘So I’m going to live but now I’m completely broke’.

Where did all that money go?

Administrators have pulled the plug on the Angelgate project as a hunt begins for the millions that have vanished.

Moral of the story?  If it sounds good to be true it probably is.  And under no circumstance do you put your money up for something in return for something that does not exist yet unless you have collateral.  If you hand someone a pile of cash, 9 times out of 10 they will disappear with it and you will never get your money back, no matter what bullshit promises they make to you.

North Korean Summit: Another Trump Failure

Experts said we needed to see action to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear arms within three weeks of Trump’s big kissy kissy meeting with the murderous North Korean dictator a few weeks ago.  Well, we are starting to see action, but it’s not the kind we were expecting.  Another Trump beauty:

North Korea is upgrading its only known nuclear research facility, satellite imagery has shown, despite ongoing negotiations with multiple world leaders and a pledge to abandon its weapons program.

The satellite photos, obtained by North Korea analysis outlet 38 North, indicate that the isolated regime is making numerous improvements to its Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center “at a rapid pace.”


Saudi Arabia Missile Attack – Video

In case you missed it, Houthi rebels in Yemen fired scud missiles into Riyad (the capital of Saudi Arabia).  The missiles were shot down by American-made PATRIOT missile defense batteries.

Some of the scraps from a shot down scud landed on a house, went through the roof and killed a man while he slept.  Some of the video has been released on social media.  It appears to show that at least one of the American PATRIOT missiles malfunctioning and coming crashing to the ground.

You can watch video from CNN (showing the scud being shot down) here.

Others captured the malfunctioning PATRIOT missile are below:

Different angle:

A video of a PATRIOT in action:


Iraq War, 15 Years Later

Exactly 15 years ago today, president George W. Bush announced that the United States was going to attack Iraq with a campaign of “shock and awe” and then invade and occupy the country due to weapons of mass destruction that were never to be found.

Estimates are that up to 500,000 Iraqis were murdered or killed as “collateral damage” or as a result of the war.

15 years on, Iraqi leaders, like Prime Minister al-Abadi, worry about corruption and about getting torn apart by US and Iran as each try to influence and control Iraq:

To see how al-Abadi plans to do that, TIME sat down with him in his office, inside Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, in the palace where Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq until the U.S. invasion in March, 2003. During the discussion, Abadi spoke about the “epidemic” of corruption in his country, what it will take to keep ISIS from regrouping, as well as regional issues such as the war in Syria and the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Prime Minister was also frank about the support Iraq received from Iran, and pleaded with the Islamic Republic and the U.S. not to turn his country into a battlefield for any proxy conflict. “Keep your differences away from Iraq,” he said.

Iraqi members of parliament, meanwhile, worry about the US using the fight against ISIS as an excuse to re-occupy the country:

Knooz Media quoted MP Ali al-Morshidy as saying Sunday that the U.S. administration is plotting to expand its “military bases in Iraq under the pretext of fighting the Islamic State (IS) group and providing security advice for the Iraqi government.”

The American public, meanwhile remains fairly divided by people who say the war was worth it and those who say it wasn’t:

Nearly half (48%) of Americans say the decision to use military force was wrong, while slightly fewer (43%) say it was the right decision, according to a Pew Research Center survey, conducted March 7-14 among 1,466 adults. Current opinions about the war in Iraq are little different than in early 2014, when 50% said the decision to use force was wrong and 38% said it was right.

For a more in-depth Iraq war veteran perspective, you can listen to a fascinating interview from Vince Emanuele, an Iraq war veteran and community organizer.

Gen. David Petraeus, who led U.S. forces in Iraq during the difficult “surge” period, was asked about the war.  And while he could not say much about the success of the war, he had nothing but good things to say about the Americans who sacrificed and fought in the war:

“I think everybody who was in Iraq, who served there, who knows the sacrifice it entails, who knows the cost in blood and in treasure… has been frustrated to see how the country slid back after we left in late 2011,” Petraeus said in an exclusive interview. “But at the end of the day, I think we also have a degree of quiet pride that when our country needed us, we answered the call.”

The “truly remarkable Americans” who joined the military after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks knew that their country would send them to war, said Petraeus, who added that it was an incredible privilege for him to lead U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Our job was to do what our country needed us to do to carry out the policies that were decided,” Petraeus said. “We certainly did that to the best of our ability. The accomplishments during the surge, in particular in Iraq, were truly historic, if you think about driving violence down by some 85% and bringing a country back together that had been on the verge of an all-out Sunni-Shia civil war.”