Tulsi Gabbard’s Love For Mass Murder


The dictator of Syria, Bashar al Assad, is a very evil man. He’s gassed civilians, murdered thousands upon thousands, and has allowed Russia to indiscriminately bomb and murder civilians. And now, Amnesty International has compiled evidence that al Assad runs an extermination camp, where he has murdered 13,000 people in government custody. While regime change or how to handle ISIS can be debated, what can’t be debated is that al Assad is one of the biggest murderers and genocidal whack jobs in history.

But that’s exactly what Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard admires and appreciates. She  repeatedly complained about former President Obama’s refusal to support the Russian murderers who indiscriminately murder women and children in Syria.

She recently traveled to Syria and secretly met with al Assad. Apparently she is ok with validating and legitimizing a man who runs an extermination camp.

Gabbard herself is an unethical turd of a human. As now she is in trouble with the House of Representative for violating  ethics rules. She did not submit the required disclosure forms that explained who paid for her trip and who she met while she was in Syria (besides the genocidal dictator).

Gabbard is no hero. She is a sycophant for Russian bombing of civilians, and appreciates a blood thirsty dictator who exterminates people by the thousands. She is a true disgrace.

Even Trump’s Judge Thinks He’s Stupid

Trump’s Supreme Court nominee told a Democratic senator that Trump’s comment about judges (he called one a “so-called” judge) was “disheartening” and “demoralizing.”

When Dishonest Don learned this he immediately atttacked the senator and pretended like the Democrat was a liar.  And then the judge’s spokesman, who Trump hired, confirmed what the judge said.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, said Wednesday that Gorsuch told him he found Trump’s attack on a federal judge on Twitter “disheartening” and “demoralizing.”

And within a half-hour, Gorsuch spokesman Ron Bonjean, who was tapped by the White House to head communications for Gorsuch, confirmed that Gorsuch used those words in his meeting with Blumenthal.

Don is very unstable, and can’t handle reality.  Scary!

The Moment Saddam Hussein Took Over

Christopher Hitchens chillingly narrates the moment Saddam Hussein took power.  Iraq’s 1979 Fascist Coup is a fascinating moment in history.  We all know how it ended for Saddam, but the archival footage married with part of a Christopher Hitchens speech, showing Saddam Hussein’s final purge of the Iraqi Baath Party leadership, is stunning.

Betsy DeVos Confirmed as Education Secretary; Pence Breaks Tie

Trump’s joke of an education secretary, Betsy DeVos was confirmed yesterday by the narrowest margin in the history of the Senate.  In fact, no cabinet official has ever needed to be confirmed by way of a tie-breaking vote from the vice president.

Devos is part and parcel of Trump’s white supremacist vision for America.  Like many of the Trumpistinians, she pretends to be a “conservative” for “traditional” values.  But what her traditional values really stand for is ripping off tax payers by stealing public money from public schools and sending them over to backwards private schools that teach creationism and other delusional ideas.

So, you may ask, how does teaching students that the world is flat or that Jesus saves promote a white power agenda?  You need to look no further than who and what DeVos is, a white, republican billionaire who is borderline insane when it comes to Jesus.  Why would she want anything else other than to create white christian schools?  What does she care about inner city youth or the success of public schools in the inner city?  What does she even know or has she even experienced in terms of these schools?



Her record says it all.

DeVos has a history of using her billions to push for “school choice.” Which is really a system of taking away tax dollars from public schools and handing them over to white christian schools.  In practice, “school choice” leads to the more affluent parents taking their students out of public schools as more minority students came in.  This exacerbates de facto segregation, and enhances the separation of the races.  The intended consequence, all along.

DeVos also apparently does not believe that schools that receive federal money should be forced to follow the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act.  Keep those retards away from my White Christian babies!!


DeVos has also used her position to “advance God’s Kingdom.”  In something that sounds straight out of a mental hospital full of delusional nuts, DeVos sees the school system as the “battleground” for her to push her Christian faith.  Who needs education when you have White Christians?

DevVos wants to use her position to “advance God’s Kingdom.”  She sees the school system as a battleground to push her Christian Faith.

DeVos is quoted as saying, There “aren’t enough philanthropic dollars in America to fund what is currently the need in education.” Betsy DeVos also described her efforts, using the biblical term “Shephelah,” an area where battles — including between David and Goliath — were fought in the Old Testament.

“Our desire is to be in that Shephelah, and to confront the culture in which we all live today in ways that will continue to help advance God’s Kingdom, but not to stay in our own faith territory.”

Complete nut case.

While Twitter Twat Trump Squawks, the World Laughs

The president continues with his twitter rampage.  Meanwhile, the rest of the world laughs at his stupidity and empty headed rhetoric that is backed by nothing of substance.

Recently, Trump sent his secretary of defense, General Mattis to Japan to affirm the U.S.’s commitment to guarding some islands within the territorial waters of Japan from big bad China.  Right after the visit, China sailed three warships by the islands.  Message: Trump is all bark and no bit. All hat and no cattle.  Big talk and no walk.  Don’t forget though, President Bannon predicted  that the U.S. will be at war with China sooner rather than later.  With a Chinese standing army of 1.6 million (conservative estimate), President Twat better dust off the old military draft.

Then we learn that as Trump tweets away at all hours of the day, Venezuela and Russia quietly cemented their relationship.  I suppose the president was to busy picking out his golden drapes for the Oval Office to be bothered by Russia building relationships in our backyard.

Meanwhile, Trump spent a big part of his first weeks in office sucking up to the U.K. during the British prime minister’s visit to Washington, and talking up the “special” relationship between the U.K. and the U.S.  So special in fact that if Trump tried to speak in front of the British parliament, he would be blocked and muzzled like the rabid dog that he is.


Donald’s First Military Raid a Failure

Recent reports say that Donald’s first military raid got a Navy Seal and 8-year-old American child killed along with 30 other civilians.  We also learned that Obama sat on the suggested raid for months because he was not sure the intelligence was good enough or that the raid was well-enough planned.  He also thought it was way too risky.

But Fat Fingered Don was anxious to show the world how tough he was and almost instantly ordered the attack, which was less than successful.  Now we learn that Don was too busy tweeting to even bother being in the Situation Room to monitor how the very serious and risky military operation was going–an operation he ordered directly.

Amid claims that Mr Trump ordered the operation in the early hours of Sunday morning without sufficient intelligence, ground support or back-up, it has emerged that the President was not in the Situation Room at all.

I’m sure there will be multiple Congressional investigations into this failed military operation that got innocent people and American military personnel needlessly killed.