Australia’s Racist Mentality

The US gets slammed as racist, and our conservative leaders take a lot of heat for having white “centric” policies.  And European nations and other western nations usually escape a lot of the heat and get characterized as “more welcoming,” even though that’s simply not the case.  Enter Australia.  In recent years the world has faced a refugee crisis, and many countries including the US and European countries took on thousands–in some cases millions–of refugees who faced likely death, imprisonment, or safety risks back home.  Australia, however, ruthlessly rejected refugees who have nowhere else to go:

“Australia’s policy of exiling asylum seekers who arrive by boat is cruel in the extreme,” Anna Neistat, senior director for research at Amnesty International, said in the group’s report on migrants who’d been held at Australia’s behest on Nauru — most for at least three years. “Few other countries go to such lengths to deliberately inflict suffering on people seeking safety and freedom.”

Now this is not to say Australia is right or wrong or whether its policies should change.  That’s up to the Australian people.  The point is, however, that Australia’s reaction to refugees is entirely different when they are of the white race, rather than members of one of the “lesser” races:

White farmers “deserve special protection,” Peter Dutton, Australia’s home affairs minister, who oversees immigration, said in an interview on Wednesday, amid a debate in South Africa over redistributing white-owned land to black citizens.

“I think these people deserve special attention and we’re certainly applying that special attention now,” said Mr. Dutton, who proposed offering white farmers expedited visas to resettle in Australia on humanitarian grounds.

Asians escaping communist countries?  Get the hell out!  White farmers from South Africa, “Special attention” for you!  Dutton in particular seems to love to help out white people while making excuses about why he can’t help the “lesser” races:

The Australian government has turned back 20 boats carrying 633 asylum seekers in the past 18 months, the immigration minister announced on Thursday.

Peter Dutton confirmed there had been 20 turnbacks since December 2013 but would not go into detail about when they occurred.

He framed the announcement as the successful prevention of asylum seeker deaths at sea and said that if those 20 boats had been allowed to reach Australia “200 or 2,000” could have followed.

No no, it’s not that we are ruthlessly turning their boats around in open sea and sending them back to brutal and oppressive regimes where they face imprisonment and interrogation.  We’re just saving lives!!  If they were white, however, maybe they’d get special attention and expedited visas.




Trump’s Immigration Race Purge

The debate on immigration started with the “dreamers” and “illegals.” But as it began to look like Republicans and Democrats reached a very conservative deal, Trump blew the deal up and said he also wanted restrictions on legal immigration from “shithole” countries that happen to have a lot of black and brown people.

Suddenly we went from no “illegal immigrants” to “no immigrants,” but since Trump used foul mouthed language to make that point, people focused more on the curse word than the message.  Trump is now demanding that we put immigration law back to the 1950s, where only white people could get in. That changed in 1965, during the civil rights era, when immigration rules became more race neutral.

The Democrats for their part are in chaos. They don’t know what their own position is. Hell, I don’t know what their position is on immigration. All we know is they want to save the “Dreamers” (people who were brought here illegally when they were young children and who only know the US and no other country as home). The Democrats drew themselves into a box by saying they’d shut down the government if they did not get a Dreamer deal.  Hard to make a bargain when you take an extreme position up front.

The Democrats need a unified message on what they stand for when it comes to immigration, and they need to make sure every American knows what they stand for on the issue. The 2018 elections are going to simply be whether people like Republicans or not, and the Democrats just need to present an alternative. It’s crazy that so far they can’t even do that.


Trump Plan to Mobilize 100,000 National Guard Troops to Round Up Mexicans, Final Solution in the Works

The AP reports that Trump is preparing a plan to call up 100,000 national guard troops to round up Mexicans and put them in camps.  Best case scenario is that he only deports them.

Trump’s spokeshole says this is a lie, but Spicer is a pathological liar just like his boss, so his statements are worthless.  You have to look at their conduct and not at their words.  In reality, there is a draft memo for the plan.  You can read it here.