Florida School Shooting: The Victims

We are learning more about the horrific school massacre this week.  If you want more information about the killer, you can look elsewhere–there is some suggestion he was a white supremacist with an adopted name of “Cruz” (which obviously confuses).

As for the victims, we have learned their names and have gotten pictures of them.  Some of them acted as true heroes on that tragic day.  Below are photos of Peter Wang.  Peter helped students escape, but was gunned down in the process:

“He is so brave. He is the person who is genuinely kind to everyone. He doesn’t care about popularity. He always liked to cheer people up. He is like the big brother everyone wished they had,’’ added Chen, who flew in from Louisiana to be with the family.


There was also Aaron Feis, a couch who died saving students:

“He was that kind of guy,” said Jack Fris, a former football player at the school.


And here is a post from someone who claims to be a student at Stoneman Douglas.  He tells his story in devastating detail:

Hi everyone, my name is Sid, I’m a Junior at Stoneman Douglas and I’d like to share my story of what went on in room 1214, the third room that was shot into by the shooter, and where Nick Dworet (second to top right) and Helena Ramsey (second to bottom right) were killed.

2:20 PM – We are working on the laptops doing an online activity when we hear about 10-15 gunshots outside of our door. Everyone scatters and from about 25 kids, two groups were split in different corners. I was in the corner that is immediately to the right of the entrance, Nick was in the back right corner that could be immediately seen from the entrance. The group with Nick and Helena were trying to form a barricade with a cabinet and a computer cart (one that holds laptops and charges them) but without even 20 seconds to react, the shooter comes to our door and starts shooting through the window of the door. He was shooting at the corner that Nick and Helena were in as well as about 12 other students with them in that corner. Nick got caught in the fire and died immediately, Helena also got caught and was shot twice in her chest. I was in the opposite corner so I couldn’t see his body because a cabinet was in the way, and I’m thankful that I didn’t witness his body because it probably would have affected me much more. A girl told me she had to use Nick’s body as a shield once she saw he was dead immediately 😦

Here is an edited version of the map to show the corner where I was hiding (blue), where Nick and Helena were (orange) and where the shooter was shooting from (red). Thank you for the support you have been giving. And if any of you came out to the vigil yesterday, I have no words for how happy I am that you came to support.


Florida School Shooting: Reactions

President Trump was out today with his typical empty “thoughts and prayers” speech a day after 17 people, mostly children, were slaughtered in a Florida high school by a 19-year-old with a semi automatic rifle and a huge amount of ammunition.

Yesterday, Trump also suggested the other typical Republican talking point–that mental health, and not easy access to guns was the real reason behind the shooting.

Of course, it’s all empty words from Trump, a president who recently signed a law to make it easier for people with mental disorders to get guns.

President Donald Trump quietly signed a bill into law Tuesday rolling back an Obama-era regulation that made it harder for people with mental illnesses to purchase a gun.

The rule, which was finalized in December, added people receiving Social Security checks for mental illnesses and people deemed unfit to handle their own financial affairs to the national background check database.

At least some of the 150,000 victims of mass shooting and school violence, however, are getting sick of Trump’s empty, routine and disrespectful reaction to shootings that doesn’t seem to change much or lead to any resolution to what is clearly a problem in American society.  One victim named Sarah, took to Twitter (the twitter account is now protected because of the amount of attention it received):

More reactions from the victims can be found in this article.

On the political end, one former GOP suggested that Americans need to vote out Republicans if they want a solution to gun violence:

“And so if this is the issue that defines your ideology as a voter, there are two things I would suggest tonight. First, flip the House. Flip the House,” Jolly told “CNN Tonight.” “Republicans are not going to do a single thing after this shooting we saw today. But I would also offer to Democrats, work for incremental wins.”

Trump’s own treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin, also very vaguely referenced that it was time for the gun issue to be dealt with:

“I will say, personally, I think the gun violence — it’s a tragedy what we’ve seen yesterday, and I urge Congress to look at these issues,” Mnuchin said at a House Ways and Means Committee hearing.

The Russian propaganda network, aka Fox News, was also at it with their typical fact-free fantasies regarding the situation.  On Fox and Friends, the shooting was compared to Eagles fans who flipped cars during Super Bowl victory situation, and then moved on to the bizarre claim that video games are responsible for gun violence.


Ted Cruz (is he related to the shooter?), the resident asshole senator from Texas blamed the shootings on, of course, Obama.


Here’s the Fox and Friends transcript.  Where do these jokers come up with this trash?

KILMEADE: And what about virtual reality? Those glasses that put you in a battle, put you at war?

EARHARDT: The psychiatrist — during the break, we continued to ask him questions because we are fascinated by what’s going on in this guy’s mind? And he said, kids this day and age, they’re exposed to more violence. And he said the brain normalizes it. He said, back in World War I — was it World War I? — he said the soldiers would learn with a target. Then in World War I, they would learn with a silhouette of a human being. And now, kids are watching these video games that are horrific. And not all kids will actually do this kind of thing

EARHARDT: But they’ve normalized it where a kid — we saw the violence after the Super Bowl. These are fans that won and they’re vandalizing Philadelphia because it’s normal to do this now.

It is interesting to see how fast we learned so much about this shooting and why it happened, contrasted with the Vegas shooting where there are still many strange and unanswered questions.

12 Year Old Girl Held for School Shooting

Shooting erupted around 9:00 a.m., this morning at a Junior High School in Los Angeles.  The shooter is being identified as a 12-year-old girl who brought the gun into a classroom and then shot a 15-year-old boy in the head and a 15-year-old girl in the wrist.  Both are expected to survive.  Others were injured.

The school was placed on lock-down, and even though the shooting ended at 9:00 a.m., parents could not remove their children from the school until 1:30 p.m.  In addition, officials are questioning how the heck the young girl got her hands on the gun in the first place.  While there are many laws in California on firearm access for children, firearms are as plentiful there as in any other state.

“We do not know yet … how our young person on this campus ended up having the ability to have access to a firearm and bring it onto campus,” said Los Angeles School Police Chief Steve Zipperman. “Or for that matter, any young person having access to a weapon and bringing it anywhere. We have laws that mandate that parents who own guns, any adult who owns a gun, any gun owner, has an obligation to ensure that gun is locked inside a home.”

UK Parliament Attack

Update 5:  ‘A guy ran past me and stabbed cop with big knife

Update 4: Sky News confirms 2 dead in attack.

Update 3: Attack comes exactly 1 year after Brussels attack.

Update 2: Statement from mayor of London.

Update 1:  Video from the scene (showing injured people).

One woman is confirmed dead.  As of now it is possible that there were two attackers, one who drove a large vehicle into a crowd and seriously injured about 10 people, and a second who stabbed a police officer and was shot by other officers.  It is of course possible it was one man who drove the vehicle, got out and then was shot.  We are waiting for more clarification.

There also is unconfirmed information that the incident was warned about in a 4chan internet post from yesterday.  Unconfirmed.

University of Cincinnati Police Officer Charged With Murder

Officer Ray Tensing was charged with murder of Samuel Dubose.

The body cam footage shows that after stopping the victim for not having a front license plate, Officer Tensing shot Dubose in the face as Dubose turned on his car.  The officer fired the shot almost immediately after the traffic stop began and before Dubose took any substantive act which could be perceived as a “threat” to the officer.  The body cam footage released after the incident shows that Dubose had his right arm on the steering wheel and his left arm up in the air as Officer Tensing shot him in the head.

Just remember that without a body cam this indictment would have never happened.

Samuel Dubose

Samuel Dubose