Cops Now Need a Warrant for Cell Phone Location Information

Cops have been gathering cell phone information for a while now.  All they have to do is issue a subpoena to a cell phone company and boom they get all the data the cell phone company has about your location and the times that you are at whatever location they want.

A supreme court case just came down today that says cops now have to get a warrant before they can get your cell phone information.

The fight was over two competing legal ideas: the first one says a person has a right to privacy in their physical location and movements and if the cops want that kind of information they have to get a warrant.  The second is the idea that once you give the information to a third person, like a cell phone company, you no longer have a privacy right in that information–so if your cell phone company gets your location information showing where you are then you have given up your privacy right because nobody is forcing you to carry a cell phone.

The court issued a strong ruling today saying that the first idea wins: you have an expectation of privacy in your location, regardless of whether that information gets shared with a cell phone company.  And if the cops want that information, they have to get a warrant.

Read the opinion here:


Attorney General Wants Trump To Fire Him

The morning started with reports that president Donald Trump is very angry at attorney General Jeff Sessions. Trump is angry that Sessions refused to take control over the investigation into Russian hacking and campaign spying, and instead “recused” himself, or in other words, removed himself, from the investigation.  Trump was probably angry because he thought Sessions would be there to cover up Trump’s ties to Russia:

“I thought that was a pretty damning report for the president,” Miller said. “Why would the president care if Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation or not unless he wanted him to exert inappropriate influence over it. It shouldn’t really matter who’s leading the investigation unless you want the person in charge to somehow steer it in a way that benefits you.”

Article after article kept coming, talking about how pissed off Trump was at Sessions, and explaining that the Trump’s tweets about the “travel ban” were really a way for him to blow off some of the steam he has built up about Sessions.  Trump effectively strangled the justice department’s case before it ever had a chance of making it before the supreme court:

The discontent was on display on Monday in a series of stark early-morning postings on Twitter in which the president faulted his own Justice Department for its defense of his travel ban on visitors from certain predominantly Muslim countries.

After all the bad stories about Sessions, it then was leaked to the press that Sessions actually offered to resign.  He’s had enough with El Trumpo, and seems to be who Trump is taking out his anger on these days.  Could it be that El Trumpo is getting scared?

As for Sessions, he’s ready to retire and pursue his life-long dream!


Even Trump’s Judge Thinks He’s Stupid

Trump’s Supreme Court nominee told a Democratic senator that Trump’s comment about judges (he called one a “so-called” judge) was “disheartening” and “demoralizing.”

When Dishonest Don learned this he immediately atttacked the senator and pretended like the Democrat was a liar.  And then the judge’s spokesman, who Trump hired, confirmed what the judge said.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, said Wednesday that Gorsuch told him he found Trump’s attack on a federal judge on Twitter “disheartening” and “demoralizing.”

And within a half-hour, Gorsuch spokesman Ron Bonjean, who was tapped by the White House to head communications for Gorsuch, confirmed that Gorsuch used those words in his meeting with Blumenthal.

Don is very unstable, and can’t handle reality.  Scary!